• Ana Mendez


This school year a group of 2nd ESO students will be taking part in a new project called Global Scholars where they will have the opportunity of interacting and working with peers from 12 different cities around the world!! Tbilisi, Taipei, London, Jakarta Petropavlovsk, New York, San Francisco....

Global Scholars is an international digital exchange program for students ages 10-13 in cities around the world. Each year, the curriculum focuses on a topic of current interest that provides a shared theme for student discussions. The program engages students in building critical thinking, English language, and technology skills, among others.

This year's curriculum is "Digital Cities connect!"which will give students a behind-the-scenes and big-picture understanding of life in our digital world.

We hope that this relevant topic will lead to rich classroom discussions, and sharing projects with international peers will motivate students to do their best.

We can't wait to begin with the project and meet our international peers!

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