• Introducing ourselves with an avatar


These are some of our new students' introductions. Welcome to Galileo Galilei!

                    Lucía de la Torre

               Sara Fernández

                André Poghosyan

Group: 1º ESO A, B, D, E (Programa)

Teacher: Raquel

Date: October 2015




  • First presentations by 1st Year students


Students in the Upper Group of 1st ESO have created their first presentations in English about hobbies of their interest. They have learned to use Google Presentations to work collaboratively in teams and they have enjoyed this new tool for them.

In the first place, they were told about the key elements of a good presentation. Then, they did some online research in English about the hobbies and used the relevant information to explain in simple language what they had understood. Finally, they created beautiful slides which were the visual support for their oral presentations in class.

The activity was assessed both by the teacher and their own classmates, as well, attending to the criteria established in a rubric.

Here you can see some of the slides in their presentations together with some pictures of the students in action! Good job, guys!

To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

Group: 1º ESO A, B, D, E (Upper Level)

Teacher: Ana

Date: November 2015


Group: 1º ESO A, B, D, E (Programa)

Teacher: Raquel

Date: December 2015






 Students in Programa 1st ESO want to send you their best wishes for the Christmas time and all the happiness for the year 2016.


Move the mouse around the poster to read all their messages (there's also a little bit of music!)



Group: 1º ESO A, B, D, E (Upper Level)

Teacher: Ana

Date: April


Students in 1st ESO Upper Level spent some time learning about some of Shakesperare's idiomatic contributions to the English language. They designed tags for some phrases written for the first time by Shakespeare together with their explanation in English.
After that, they displayed their creations on a wall and explained to the rest of the class the meaning of each of their phrases.